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Andrea, marketing strategist, marketing project manager, copywriter and advertiser

Local business owners are champions. They’re 24/7 hard-working risk takers. They’re extraordinarily responsible – and the buck stops with them.  They love their employees and they would do anything to keep their customers happy. And they’re generous, fantastic role models for youth in our community.

When local businesses succeed, so does the local economy and community. So we want to give local businesses an edge – a chance to compete against the big boys by using the same tactics they use. With a custom marketing plan, they can focus on excelling at their craft while we help generate business for them.

I personally guarantee you will enjoy working with our friendly, flexible team and you will see results. Give us a try!

– Andrea Knauer, Almond Branch Marketing

Founded in 2017. We and our customers are seeing steady growth and success. 

  • We are involved in the community, locally owned and operated with staff from and familiar with Harford, Baltimore and Cecil Counties in Maryland.
  • We generously provide marketing support to nonprofits and churches local to Harford County, Baltimore County, and one in Honduras.
  • We get to know our customers on a personal basis, and attempt to adjust and flex to their every need.
  • We have deep technical abilities, training and insights brought from big business.
  • We care. Seriously. We LOVE our customers. If they succeed, we succeed, so we're in their corner!
Almond Branch Marketing uses the image of a blooming almond tree to represent businesses blossoming and growing.

Why the almond branch?

There’s a passage in chapter 1 of the book of Jeremiah in the Bible. God gives Jeremiah a vision for the future of Israel.  Among a barren, wintery, desert wilderness, an almond tree blooms, then bears fruit. It’s a picture of hope, deliverance and blessing.

The founders (Andrea and Nate Knauer) found that imagery inspiring and beautiful and named their business after it. 

We love local businesses and want to help and equip them to bloom and bear fruit too. Our marketing support services are designed to help them shine.


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