People spend a lot of time on social media, which is why its important to have a presence there

Social media is one of the many online faces your business. It’s a reflection of you, so it’s important it’s managed professionally.

Whether or not you’ve used social media for lead generation, it is essential to keep accounts updated with quality content and images that indicate to your prospects that you are a reliable authority in your industry. Plus, it offers a fantastic opportunity for referrals and targeted local advertising.

Why are my social media business pages important?

Reference. It’s an important reference point for potential customers to check out your business and reputation prior to patronizing your business. it provides an instantaneous summary of your business profile and is an easy way for your customers to find you and discover what you offer. Photos of your location, owners, staff, and service/products help customers get familiar with the quality work you deliver.

Advertising. Social media advertising is a cost effective way to develop brand awareness and generate leads and new customers. Advertising is only effective when the ideal audience, message and offer line up. We can help leverage social media to reach new customers and retarget those who have already been to your website or interacted with your page.

Reputation. Your social media account (along with Google) serve as critical review spots for customers. Prospects expect to be dealing with at least a 4 star company with recent, detailed and honest reviews from real customers before calling or stopping by your shop.

The importance of good content.

As much as possible, we try to avoid relying too heavily on stock images and photography. In order to build up a strong cache of content we offer photography and videography services to capture your products, services and employees in action. Real life content drives highest engagement and adds legitimacy and authority to your social media presence. 

Social Media - Pay to Play

The world of social media is competitive and busy. The only way to cut through the clutter and guarantee you’re hitting your target audience is through advertising. We build in an advertising budget to our social media management packages to ensure your brand will reach fresh viewers interested in your product or service.

stay connected

No need to spin your wheels trying to keep up with the ever-changing world of social media. We’l help you stay connected, relevant, and looking sharp.

what are customers saying about your business in the reviews?
Here’s how we work:

We provide a dedicated marketing manager to oversee your accounts and create engaging social media posts and advertisements that keep you visible to your market. They will be customized with information promoting your business, news, photography and industry information. We’ll guide interested inquiries to contact your office directly, and respond graciously to positive feedback. And if you should have any problem reviews, we’ll be quick to report it to your immediate attention and help you address it.

Schedule a call with us today and we will happily describe social media management plans we offer for both managing and posting to accounts and advertising your business.

With our social media services, we are certain you’ll be happily satisfied with your results on social media. We work to connect your unique products and services to thousands with creative ads and insightful targeting.

“I tried Facebook for my business and it didn’t work.”

We hear this all the time. A solid strategy containing quality content and targeted ads are key to producing results. There’s no short cut, it is a good bit of work. And it’s not an ideal channel for every industry. During our consultation period we will offer advice on whether social media is a platform likely to deliver a strong return for your investment.

a business marketing strategy requires specific tactics

Almond Branch Marketing specializes in managing social media for service businesses and would happily discuss with you opportunities to provide this support among several others in our marketing packages.

Schedule a free consultation with a marketing expert to learn more!

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