Your website – it’s your online presence – the ultimate business card. With a smart phone, prospects can get a first impression of your business within seconds. Strong web design will make them customers.

your website is the hub for internet traffic

The most important marketing asset you have is your business website. It is absolutely critical your site: 

  • Makes a great impression of your business 
  • Drive your customers to patronize your business
  • Accurately present your services and information.
  • Be optimized with keywords, content and links that improve its ranking within search results. 


It is the hub, center to your other marketing arms, including social media, ads, and promotions. Internet traffic stops here – make sure your website represents you well with our web design services.

Our customers’ websites are designed to be:

  • User friendly, and provide your customers with a great UX (user experience) and UI (user interface)
  • Persuasive, with well-written text that directs views to contact you
  • Trust-building, with detailed text that delivers answers to your customers' problems and assures them you are the solution to their needs
  • A visually stunning reflection of your business that impresses viewers and provides you with a professional image
  • Mobile responsive, fast loading, secured, and search engine optimized
mobile view of a newly designed web page for a HVAC contractor in Bel Air, MD
Tablet View
home page for a new web page for a local HVAC contractor in Bel Air, MD
Desktop View
phone optimized view of HVAC contractor new home page for website
Mobile View

The most compelling business websites are clear, comprehensive, yet concise and easily navigable.  Text should be well written and provide the reader with useful information. These features position your business as the best solution for your customer’s needs. 

The best-designed business website will take away any reasons for your prospects to keep looking.

good web design is sharp, clean, and drives traffic to call your business

First Impressions Matter: Some important website statistics for 2019

  • 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience
  • 75% of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design
  • Users spend an average of 5.94 seconds looking at a website’s main image
  • Mobile (phone) traffic as a share of total global online traffic in 2017 was 52.64%

Our Hassle-Free and Easy 5-Step Web Design Process

Working closely together with you, we are proud to have new websites built and launched in under 45 days.
checklist for implementing a marketing plan

#1. Business Interview. We will conduct a thorough business interview with you to understand your business’ mission, services, and distinguishing features that differentiate you from your competition. This information will guide our copywriters to creating text content that best represents your business and appeals to your customer base.

#2. Provide Specific Content.Through a dedicated file exchange link, you will provide high quality photos, videos, logos, business reviews, and any business related images, certifications, associations to be included on your website. For our local customers, we offer business photography and videography that dramatically enhances and personalizes websites.

#3. Review & Comment on Rough Draft.We will prepare a rough draft of your website and schedule a review meeting to walk through the site with you and gather feedback for changes you’d like to see for the final version of the site.

#4. Review & Approve Final Version.Once the site has reached the final design stage, we will schedule a final review meeting to walk through the final version of the site and make any final changes.

#5. Launch New Website.We will choose a non-peak traffic time to install your new website and back it up offsite. All pages, links and forms will be double-checked to ensure a seamless and perfect user experience.

Once your website is complete, we will deliver easy and convenient monthly support to make sure your site is always backed-up, secured, and updated with new photos, promotionals information, blogs, news, or other business content.

Why a professional marketer’s oversight and input makes such a difference. 

  • There are many graphic artists and web designers available to you today. But very, very few approach web design with a marketer's brain. Our websites are built to appeal to your website visitors by addressing their buying needs, concerns and desires.
  • Our goal is not to build the most high-tech, flashing, feature-filled website for your business. It's to present your business as the solution to your specific customer's needs and convert them into leads and customers.
  • Our exclusive process works with you directly and personally to quickly build a website that drives business. You will talk to a professional Marketing Manager who is assigned to you and committed to delivering you with a fantastic product. We make the process hassle-free with phenomenal customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

No (i.e. very minimal). If you currently have a website, it will not experience any down time except for the short duration of time (< 30 minutes) necessary to migrate the new site. We typically conduct website installs during non-peak web traffic times to avoid notice-able downtime.

Our exclusive, comprehensive business interview informs us on the most important and distinguishing features about your business. We use that information to provide professional copywriting for our customers’ new websites.

Often our customers provide an outline and/or text content they would like to include. If that is the case we will work with you to ensure all website wording is to your complete satisfaction.

We will be happy to include high quality photos you have into the design of your new website. We provide a dedicated file exchange link for uploading photos and images of certifications, badges, awards and other professional associations that enhance the website.

If you need photos for your website, we will obtain attractive stock images to complete your site.

We will design and host the website on our server under a temporary domain, so you can review and approve it prior to it going up as your new site.

We will work with your existing hosting service plan or connect you to a quality hosting service. Once established we will conduct website updates, backups, security scans and maintenance.

All our websites are designed with on-page search engine optimization. That means we make your page as friendly as possible to search engines so you rank in searches for keywords relevant to your business. Our pages are also designed to keep customers on your page, reducing page “bounce” that hurts your rankings. To improve your ranking in searches, best practices for SEO include blogging and ongoing content creation targeting long-tail keywords. We offer this as a service for our customers.

If you do not yet have a website or haven’t updated your website within the last two years, it is critical to build one to stay competitive in the business world. Almond Branch Marketing proudly provides web design and maintenance services that tie into social media, email accounts, and tracking of marketing campaigns.

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